From unorganized chaos to an organized system of aircraft records management, SRCA takes all commercial records and organizes them into a coherent library of records that meet all US Army Aviation Maintenance standards.

Use of slides (approximately 250) and a student handbook combine to immerse the student into the understanding of US Army Forms and Records.

Project information

  • Category: Safety & Operational Support
  • Client: Multiple Clients
  • Project date: Multiple Contracts / Dates

SRCA is one of the few providers that converts civil aircraft Aeronautical Records into a U.S. Army set of aircraft records as required by Department of Army Pamphlet (DA PAM) 738-751. The outcome is an organized set of historical records, aircraft forms, and logbooks. Additionally, the system archives all Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s), drawings, Service Difficulty Reports (SDR’s), Airworthiness Directives (AD’s), the aircraft records book, engine/propeller logs, Field Approvals (337’s), etc.