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  • Category: Software Development

SRCA‘s Risk Assessment Program is an interactive tool that allows organizations to assess their risk on any mission. The user simply selects the pilot and the program delineates the mission they are authorized to conduct.

The Risk Assessment Program is:
  • Tailored to your operations
  • Intuitive and customizable by the user
  • All assessments can be saved and printed
Calculate Your Risk in Sections

Depending on the mission selected, users are presented with a predefined list of risk factors and types associated with that particular mission. By checking the various risk types, a score is tracked and recorded for reference. When complete, the program automatically assesses a numerical score and displays it in a color relative to the quality of that score to determine needed dispatch authority.

This program provides electronic hazard analysis allowing users to evaluate constraints more easily. The program can be web-based, intranet-based, or stand-alone on a PC or iPad (tablet). In addition, it provides archiving of past assessments for analysis and review by name, authorization level, or risk level.

An administrative area allows the appropriate personnel to certify users for given missions and to change any and all categories, sub-categories, scores and thresholds of risk.

SRCA’s Risk Assessment Program is ideally suited for EMS, police and fire departments, utility and off-shore contractors and military operations.

  • Illustrates planned events using timelines
  • Customized reports
  • Message boards
  • Customized appearance
  • Integrated user security model