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Project information

  • Category: Software Development

Safety Research Corporation of America (SRCA) has developed an inventory tracking software with capability for use within a logistics environment. SRCA’s software package allows you to track any asset to include providing provisions to use a 1 or 2-dimensional matrix or barcode. With the SRCA Inventory Control Program, tracking equipment, supplies or other items becomes an automated process, permitting inventory changes on a transactional basis and in real time.

SRCA’s inventory control software tracks equipment and assets from procurement through the entire life cycle. The benefit of this program is the capability to identify the status of an asset at any point in time. The program incorporates the use of a hand-held computer (scanner) to scan inventory items and track their status. The program permits:

  • Identification of the status of an asset at any point along the logistics trail
  • Tracking of all assets, their status, maintenance posture or disposal
  • The export of ad-hoc reports and the ability to send them periodically to respective personnel
  • Designation of several administration levels for security

Additionally, the program features a sophisticated reporting function to automatically generate reconciliation of current inventory transactions compared to previous inventory summaries. The program also maintains the full scope of all inventory and generates a detailed report upon the user’s request.