The Department of Defense Contracting Management Agency (DCMA) Instruction (document above) 8210.1 outlines the requirements that a contractor must meet and establishes procedures they must develop (publication above) in order to operate.

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  • Category: Safety & Operational Support
  • Client: Multiple Clients
  • Project date: Multiple Contracts / Dates

Defense Contracting Management Agency Instruction Training (DCMA 8210.1)

Safety Research Corporation of America (SRCA) provides comprehensive educational training on the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) 8210.1D dated February 6, 2023, and known as Army Regulation (AR) 9.5-20, Air Force Instruction (AFI) 10-220, Naval Air Systems Command Instruction (NAVAIRINST) 3710.1H, etc. This instruction establishes requirements for Department of Defense (DoD) contract operations for supporting flight and ground operations within the DoD.

This two-hour course explains the purpose of this instruction and how it should be implemented to fully comply with the DoD Instructions and expectations from the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) or the Government Flight Representative (GFR).