Services - Safety and Operational Support
Aircrew Training and Standardization Program

SRCA developed an Aircrew Training and Standardization Program that includes grade slips, tasks, standards, and conditions. The program integrates Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and policies where possible to mitigate exposure and risk and provides the following:

  • Initial pilot training and syllabus
  • Implementation of procedures
  • Explanation of the Flight Captain minimal aviation levels and academic training for re-currency
  • The governing of annual evaluations and how they are to be conducted
  • Integration of the patrolman and established training requirements
  • Identification of all tasks that crewmembers must perform to include the conditions and standards
  • A method for pilots to maintain currency by task, operation, and hours
  • Identification of safety programming with a 3-year plan of academic training
  • Establishment of an Aircrew Coordination Training (ACT) program
  • Administrative requirements for maintenance and use of this program

Aircrew Coordination Training (ACT)

The Aircrew Training and Standardization Program utilizes an instructor that integrates the use of interactive software with customized training videos developed by SRCA. The program consists of an initial 8-hour training and an annual 4-hour sustainment training.

Key objectives are based on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Defense (DoD) aircraft accident experiences. In total, there are four objectives representing the positive attributes that a crew when optimized will achieve, and four principals representing pathways to achieve the objectives. There are eight qualities of crewmembers that represent the preferred attributes of individuals. During the program, the objectives, principals and qualities are explained and demonstrated through the use of in-classroom exercises and scenario-based videos that reinforce the ACT Program and illustrate the various principals. Students then discuss both positive and negative aspects of actions taken by the actors in the videos.