About Our Team

Anita Flowers Director of Business Development

Anita Flowers Anita has a multi-national work and residency background, having lived and completed her education in Romania and Germany and worked in South Korea before joining the SRCA team in 2008. Her proven ability to work independently or as a member of a team to reach and surpass company goals and deadlines has allowed her to take on the roles of Senior Project Manager and Director of Project Management utilizing her strong management skills and ability to motivate and train subordinates and prioritize work. At the beginning of 2013, she transitioned to the position of Director of Business Development. Anita has solid interpersonal skills with the ability to build and develop relations leading to successful strategic planning and work execution. With over 10 years of management experience in the financial, educational, government, and commercial business sectors, she supports SRCA’s growth by being the main point of contact for current and future teaming partners in the pursuit of proposals and joint ventures. Anita is fluent in English, Romanian, German, and French.

Chasity Duke Operations Manager

Chasity Duke With a proven background in communication, leadership, and operational management, Chasity serves as the Senior Project Manager providing direct oversight of all Project Managers and their corresponding projects within the company. With over 6 years of experience in coursework development, technical writing, and editing, Chasity has an eye for formatting, copy editing, and proofreading supporting multiple projects. Serving as the Project Manager for our National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) contract, she successfully oversees all text, placement, and copy editing for their handbooks and manuals, remaining in contact with the NIST coordinator at all times. In addition, Chasity provides technical proposal writing services and is responsible for composition of appropriate documentation to include: outlines, storyboards, and compliance matrices.

Theresa Hayes Project Manager

Theresa Hayes With over 25 years of service in the IT industry, Theresa has proven experience in programming, team and account management, system architecture, solution design, and project management. She joined SRCA in 2016 as a Project Manager. She effectively communicates with customers while also interpreting requirements for our graphics and programming teams.

Alicia Storey Contract Analyst/FSO

Alicia Storey With over 15 years of experience in finance and accounting, Alicia serves as Contract Analyst/FSO for SRCA. Serving as Contract Analyst, she negotiates contract agreements and manages all accounting functions. She provides program management support to all staff levels, including but not limited to, project scheduling, financial management, coordination, and graphic presentation. Additionally, she is proficient as a Project Manager and meets with clients to understand what is required through investigating, analyzing, and recommending appropriate development actions to achieve the customer’s objectives. As FSO, Mrs. Storey provides support for all security actions in accordance with NISPOM and other Federal Government security regulations.

Wendy McClintock Office Manager

Wendy McClintock Wendy has over 15 years’ managerial and administrative experience. She spent 13 years serving as an Office Manager in the construction industry before joining SRCA, and has a strong customer service record. Along with handling the daily administrative functions as the Office Manager, Wendy is also the executive assistant to the President. She coordinates schedules and travel for all employees. Mrs. McClintock also contributes to various projects with research, development, and documentation.

Noel Sapp Project Specialist/Senior Designer

Noel Sapp As Senior Graphic Designer, Noel has been with SRCA for over 11 years. During this time, he has participated in countless projects that cover logo design, 3D animations, interactive Flash development, marketing for promotional events, and illustration and design for brochures, posters, and handbooks. In addition to providing high quality design work, Noel is an established photographer and audio/video production specialist, often receiving requests from the community for his work. His photography is utilized within many of our brochures, handbooks, and design layouts.

Kenny Chou Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Kenny Chou Kenny has over 11 years of experience in the graphic design field. His ability to translate a customer’s written description into a visually appealing illustration is unparalleled. As the Senior Illustrator, Kenny has immersed himself in unique designs and creative layouts. Many of the graphics and illustrations requested by our clients do not exist as stock photos or design mockups. Kenny works in concert with the SRCA team to interpret their verbiage and information to produce vivid, detailed drawings. Kenny also serves as a videographer when the need arises and handles all aspects of the filing to include editing and special effects.

David Jacobo Software Engineering Manager

David Jacobo David began programming in 2002 with desktop applications for Windows. In 2009, he switched roles with a Network technician for several months and his experienced gained has helped him troubleshoot systems. At SRCA, David has been the lead developer for the DoD MOU Platform since 2011 and helps universities submit data which helps service members receive tuition assistance. David works with web applications that get deployed to the cloud using Amazon Web Services.

Winfred “Mitch” Mitchell Programmer

Winfred 'Mitch' Mitchell Mitch has proven experience as a Project Manager and over 5 years of experience as a programmer. This dual experience gives him the ability to not only effectively communicate with customers, but also to translate a customer’s requirements in an understandable manner to the programming team. Mitch has interfaced with a number of campus organizations at Auburn University to create custom web applications such as the Lab Inspection Tool for Risk Management and Safety. Currently, he serves as the Project Manager and as the Lead Programmer on our Performance Charts Program, which is a program that allows aircraft pilots to digitally complete their performance planning. He also has experience with coordinating and organizing many of our training programs and has been instrumental in the conversion of desktop applications to applications for the iPad and other tablets.

Andrew Reeves Programmer

Andrew Reeves Andrew Reeves is an experienced programmer and analyst with proficiency in multiple programming languages and environments. Andrew has experience in various technical areas, including mobile development, database management, web development, debugging and extending large-scale enterprise software, embedded systems, client-facing technical support, and technical training delivery.